Volunteer Coordinator

Veronica Huening
(702) 294-7145

Group Volunteer Opportunities

There are many Corporate and Convention Groups and Community Outreach volunteer opportunities at our campus. Please contact us for more details and check back often for updates.

The children who live with us depend on the generosity of individuals like you to make their lives brighter every day. Volunteers at St. Jude’s Ranch play a vital role in the organization by assisting the staff with a variety of projects, some working directly with the children.

We encourage you take a moment to review our current volunteer needs on campus by visiting the careers section on our website or by contacting ourvolunteer coordinator. You may complete a volunteer application online by visiting the careers tab and under job type-click on volunteer positions, and search for our volunteer opportunities.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Thrift Store

Our thrift store is open seven days a week. We rely on volunteers to help create the best shopping experience for our customers. Opportunities are available daily, weekly or monthly. Contact us for more information.


Perhaps one of the busiest areas on our campus, the mailroom, receives close to 40 large bins of mail every day and with only one part time employee sorting, we could really use additional help. Contact us for more information.


With 40 acres, 20 buildings and only two maintenance workers, we need help with the simple stuff like changing air filters, repairing sprinklers and other similar ‘to-do’ items you would normally do on the weekend in your own home. Contact us for more information.

Donation Pick-up

Donations to SJRC are picked up each Tuesday, and we are in need of someone to assist the driver. Contact us for more information.

Child Focus Sibling Preservation Program

Our Sibling Preservation Program is in need of event support and camper volunteers.