Transitional Living

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The Transitional Living Program is one of the most distinctive learning experiences that benefit eligible children ages 15 to 18 years old.

The program prepares its residents for integration into society by teaching them life skills to become self-sufficient, productive, civic-minded citizens. The program is designed to assist young adults to develop appropriate social and work skills, and addresses psychological issues promoting behaviors to help ensure a rewarding and fulfilling life.  Our goal is to enable children to transition into the community as prepared as possible for independence and self-sufficiency.

Youth referred to the Transitional Living Program are assessed on admission for appropriateness and expected success within the program. Each assessment includes, in part, physical and emotional health, family support and other relationships, competence and achievement, educational development and self-sufficiency.

transitional living

In the Program, children receive intensive life skills coaching as part of living a healthy, productive lifestyle.  Life skills include activities such as budgeting, money management, employment training, negotiating an apartment lease and obtaining a driver’s license. Many of the young adults in our Transitional Living Program attend college or technical school after graduating from high school while living at the Ranch.

Upon completion of the Transitional Living Program, these young adults are better prepared to live in the community as productive, caring citizens.